Korea Woman's Christian Temperance - KWCTU

  • World Convention of World Woman's Christian Temperance Union
  • KWCTU's Resolutions for the Republic of Korea
  • Yonsei University YTC's Green Cafe
  • Annual Anti-Smoking and Anti-Drinking Street Campaign
  • 34th World Convention in Seoul
  • Honorary President, Kwi Ok Yeu

Korea Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

Founded in 1923 by a missionary from the WWCTU, the KWCTU has contributed to various movements regarding alcohol and nicotine abstinence, and polygamy abolishment. Currently, there are ten national branches and six overseas branches. Regular activities include prayer meetings, Bible studies, prison ministry missions, childcare centers, scholarship programs, and campaigns promoting abstinence from alcohol, nicotine, and other narcotic drugs. Abstinence pamphlets have been printed and distributed to youth in the army, in middle and high schools, and in universities.

Mission & Vision – “for God, for Home, and for Every Land”

1. The KWCTU believes in Jesus Christ and is a global Christian woman’s group that adopts a biblical lifestyle.
2. The KWCTU attempts to inform humanity about the harms of addictive substances like alcohol, nicotine, and drugs in order to minimize addiction and all social problems.
3. The temperance movement strives to protect the sacredness of God’s church by encouraging abstinence from alcohol and nicotine, temperance, philanthropy, pre-marital virginity, and peace.

- MJJ 2023

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