The World Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WWCTU) was established in 1883 by Miss Frances Willard and today, it has become an international woman’s union with 35 countries registered. (http:// www.wctu.org)

Motto : For God and For Home and For Every Land
Badge : A White Ribbon Bow
World’s Prayer Hour : Noontide Prayer
White Ribbon Day of Prayer : September 28
Purposes: Abstinence from Nicotine and Alcohol, and Pursuit of Purity, Peace, Temperance, and Service

Miss France Willard, who was a faithful Christian, witnessed many families facing hardships because of alcoho addictive husbands.
Therefore, Woman gathered with the mission to enlishten the church, the homes, and the nation about the danger of alcohol, nicotine, and narcoticdrugs through temperance union movements.
Since its establishment. WWCTU has received support from Woman around the world. Today all of the members of the temperance union around the world hold noon prayers, preach the Gospel and strive to alleviate social evils.