Harm of Smoking

1. Components of Cigarettes

69 Types of carcinogens (substances that cause cancer), over 4000 types of chemicals, over 10,000 types of substances
Mothballs, pesticides, carcinogens, material in lighters, material in asphalt, paint removers, tear gas, ammonia (irritates the respiratory system), carbon monoxide, nicotine, rocket fuel, hydrocyanic acid gas, radiation, gasoline components, material in vinyl, preservatives, material in heavy metal, material in detergent, material in heavy metal batteries, poison, carcinogenic disinfectants
  • - Nicotine : Causes a strong habitual addiction.
  • - Tar : Contains various hazardous and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances. Used in insect repellent and pesticides.
  • - Carbon Monoxide : Decreases the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, causing failure and the aging of metabolism in body cells.
  • - Hydrocyanic Acid Gas : A single consumption by a 70kg adult as death penalty kills half of its recipients.
  • - Phenol : The smoke of a single cigarette contains the same amount of phenol as 10 liters of river water.

2. Illnesses Caused by Smoking

Lung Cancer and Respiratory Diseases and Cancer
Smoking causes respiratory diseases and cancers such as oral cancer, esophageal cancer, and lung cancer. Smoking is the cause of lung cancer 90% of the time and has a high death rate. 137 people are dying as a result of smoking everyday , which is greater than the number of daily fatalities from traffic accidents. It is like the horrific fatalities of the Korean War and nuclear bomb occurring everyday.
Buerger’s Disease and Cardiovascular Diseases
Smoking causes the blood vessel walls to thicken and build up an abnormal amount of deposit, which gradually blackens and rots the blood vessel. It is common for patients with Buerger’s disease to have to cut their fingers and toes.

  • Normal lung

    Lung with lung cancer

    A blocked blood vessel

    Buerger’s disease