Honorary President, Kwi Ok Yeu

Honorary President, Mrs. Kwi Ok Yeu, was born as the daughter of Elder Mrs. Seong Yeon Choi, God’s faithful servant. At the age of 13, Mrs. Yeu confessed “dying is natural after living, thus I desire to offer my life to the Lord rather than living a life with a chinese herb medicine on my head” and she lived with the heart and mind of a martyrdom ever since. In 1952, she joined the Temperance Union after witnessing the difficult social situation the nation was going through, thus devoted 54 years of her life serving on the movement. Ever since 1972, Mrs. Yeu served as the president of KWCTU, and arranged for the building of the KWCTU Hall in Seoul in hand with the KWCTU scholarship program, where thousands of missionaries and pastors are being sponsored. She offered her life as a martyress and served in the ministry of the Temperance Union until 1998.

Curriculum Vitae

  • May 10, 1923 Born in Taegu
  • 1938 Graduated from Pyung Yang Woman’s Theological University
  • October 27, 1941 Married with Mr. Soo Keun Kim, the President of Daesung Group
  • 1965 Appointed as Elder in Young Nak Presbyteranian Church, Seoul
  • 1969 Construction of the KWCTU Hall in Seoul
  • 1972 President of KWCTU
  • 1982 Received the Prize of President of NCW
  • 1987 Construction of the KWCTU Hall in Taegu
  • 1992 President of Patrons of Young Nak Woman’s Theological Seminary