The Korean Woman’s Christian Temperance Union advocates the abstinence from alcohol, nicotine, and narcotic drugs. It is known as the Korean Chapter of The World Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. It supports peaceful, mutual, and international cooperation, whilst fighting against hunger, disease, as well as illiteracy. Upholding purity and peace as its basic ethical standard, WWCTU is an interdemonational Christian organization which serves “for God, for Home, and for Every Land.”

KWCTU was founded in 1923 by a missionary of WWCTU and ever since, it has contributed to the abstinence from alcohol and nicotine, and the abolition of polygamy. Currently, it has 10 national branches and 6 branches abroad. Regular activities include: prayer meetings, Bible studies, campaigns for the sharing of the Gospel in prisons, promotion of total abstinence from alcohol, nicotine, and other narcotic drugs, directing childcare centers, and the distribution of temperance scholarships. Furthermore, KWCTU publishes temperance pamphlets and distributes them among youth in the army, in middle and high schools, and in universities.

Through the temperance movements among students at middle and high schools and universities, KWCTU aims to bring change to the next generation.