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Arise and Shine

절제회 | 2016.02.17 10:45 | Hit 1707
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 Arise and Shine is a compilation of student testimonies about the amazing change of course from failure to A+ moments. There's nothing strikingly different about their lives but that they have made it through the deep, dark tunnel of life and have entered into the Light. Now they speak of the peace, rest, and joy that the Light has brought to their lives.
 DR. JUNG JOO KIM was born in Daegu, Korea in 1949, and was brought up in a Christian household. She experienced Christ anew in her fourth year at Ewha Woman's University before receiving her BA in English Literature. She went on to receive her MA in English Literature at the University of Michigan in 1974. She studied mission and evangelism at the Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission (ACTS) and at Fuller Theological Seminary, and she later received her ThD at Harvard Divinity School. Since returning to Korea and discovering her call to spread the Gospel across university campuses, she has been a lecturer at Yonsei University and has been serving as a supervising professor of discipleship training meetings and Christian student groups.
 'What do I do now?' 'Where is all this leading me?' It seems we constantly find ourselves asking these questions, whether you are a freshman in college with high hopes of discovering a new route away from entrance exams, or someone caught between love and friendship. Not even the attainment of a new love interest, or money, or even Ivy League status can stop the perpetual recurrence of such questions. What then can relieve the great sense of void that still remains after a 273-day streak of drinking alcohol and experiencing the thrills of youth? Or the despair of a Chinese student who comes to study in Korea with hopes for a better future, only to be beat down by endless hours of part-time jobs that leave the student exhausted and unable to study? Or the weight of failure and frustration felt by a student who practiced the piano ten hours every day, only to be declined admission to her school of choice? Or the feeling of hopelessness of a tuberculosis patient who is chained down by the body's need to rest 14 hours a day? Or even the heavy financial burden brought about by divorce and bankruptcy? There's nothing strikingly different about the lives of those who have testified but that they have made it through the deep, dark tunnel of life and have entered into the Light. Now they speak of the peace, rest, and joy that that Light has brought to their lives. "Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'" (John 14:6) In the midst of all the darkness, Jesus revealed Himself to these individuals and transformed their lives; they experienced His healing power. The loving sound of praise melted a hardened heart; the provision of a new part-time job revived one's lost dreams and brought physical healing; and broken family relationships were mended. Every one of these individuals discovered the purpose of their life. The editor delivers the urgency to invite Christ into our lives, especially in a world where success breeds burdens for greater success. "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10) We invite you to an A+ life transformed by Christ Himself.

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