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Report of Thailand WCTU

절제회 | 2019.11.28 16:55 | 조회 2468

Report of Thailand WCTU


At every Christmas season, at our university, MFU, all Christian mission groups and local churches are invited to present the Gospel messages sharing about their activities and food and the love of God.


On November 22, 2019, in the name of Bethelehem Church and Thai WCTU, we were given a booth. We held our event from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. sharing the Gospel and sharing the temperance message, awakening about the harm of alcohol, nicotine, and drugs, with warning against the FAS.


First, professor Ayu received the students and made Gospel tracts together, sharing the Gospel and her testimony.  I informed the students on the harm of alcohol, nicotine, and drugs.  An exchange student from Indonesia, Fisca was in charge of interviews with students to find out the state of addiction on campus with questionnaires on alcohol, nicotine, and games.

We give all the glory to God, who, in the nation of Buddhism, did open a door for us to share the Gospel in public so freely during Christmas season.


Seeing the students listen to the Gospel carefully and responded with open hearts at the sharing of the temperance message, we experienced anew that the Word of God is never bound.  We were filled with joy, as we saw all the members of the church cooperate so actively as coworkers.

Thank you for being with us in prayers.

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