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A Wonderful News from Paraguay on the Temperance Work.

절제회 | 2019.09.27 13:21 | 조회 112

Missionary Rev. Chang Keun Yang and his wife attended the monthly meeting of the KWCTU on September 24, yesterday, arriving in Korea after 36 hour flight only 3 days before, hardly getting over jetlag.

At the world convention, I reported on the work of Paraguay WCTU.
Missionary Rev. Yang Keun Chang showed at the KWCTU meeting a wonderful video of his missionary outreach in Paraguay among the chiefs of the 120 tribes. He also showed us photos of his temperance work: how he shared the KWCTU pamphlets, which was translated into Spanish, with Paraguay pastors of Evangelical Association, who all received the temperance work with much attention, desiring to join and work together.

May our Lord continue the temperance work worldwide for His glory.

In Christ,

양선교사는 9월 절제회 이사회에서 파라과이 인디언추장학교를 통한 복음증거와 현지 리더쉽 사역을 보고했다.
인디언추장학교를 통해 현지 리더쉽을 세우고 복음을 증거하며 눈물의 기도, 땀방울이 핏방울이 되기까지의 한영혼을 향한 간절한 기도를 할 때 놀라운 복음의 역사가 남미 땅끝 파라과이의 인디언들에게 일어나고 있음을 전했다. 또 술과 마약, 매춘의 고통을 겪는 인디언들에게 절제운동이 가장 필요함을 전했다. 
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