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Vanuatu WCTU held her first national convention successfully from September 27 to 29, by the grace of God and by the help of financial support from many others. 50 ladies came from Santo and from other 4 islands, while 30 pastors and youths also gathered, all together 80-90 people attended.  To attend this convention, some came from a distance, which took them two days by boat ride. They suffered so much from seasick that they remained ill after their arrivals. Nevertheless, how grateful I was to see them present even from such a long way.

At the opening worship service of this conference, we invited especially the local leader of the Council of Churches and leaders of Health Department in order to introduce the importance of the ministry of the temperance movement so that we together may find ways how to cooperate with the government. For the first session, a lecture, followed by discussion, was given on the Influence of Narcotic Drugs on the Brain (*based on the power point of Dr. Bertha Madras’s lecture given at the 41st World Convention). Three branches of VWCTU gave reports of what they had been doing, which challenged those from various islands, first time at the temperance conference, who were also invited to work together.

   By God’s grace, our introduction of the temperance union at the last August National Assembly of the Women’s Missionary Union, which stressed on the serious phenomena of drug addiction, must have motivated the women of the islands to attend the temperance conference this time.

   On the last day, women from four islands, decided to start small groups to pray together, returning home, to awaken homes and local societies, with prayers, on the need to lead Drug free life.

At this convention, 10 women signed the pledge, and now the VWCTU has members much more than 50 members all together. We were truly grateful at this occasion, as we see our territory expanding step by step,

   Due to geographical conditions, it is very difficult for us to get together. Even this time, we had to spend most of our fund to pay for the transportation fees of the participants of the people from other islands and other areas. Nevertheless, by coming together, learning about the necessity of the temperance movement, and getting knowledge of the harms of narcotic drugs, we got so much strength and encouragement with one another.

   If possible, I am planning to visit next year all the islands where the temperance ministry has   just started anew. We decided that every two years, we will hold the national conference.  Though there may be many difficulties financially, we still see the need and effectiveness of holding conference, as we pray that our Lord allow us to continue to hold our conference.

I am so grateful, when I see Martha, who attended the world convention. With much expectation, I observe her, who worked so hard with the pastors and their wives last year at Talua (*The Presbyterian Seminary in Santo, Martha serving as wife of the President).   


I thank Professor Jung Joo Kim sincerely for her encouragement and financial support which had helped us to start the temperance ministry at this small island. Though we have long ways to go, we still hope that God may use these weak women to cultivate this little and beautiful island not to be contaminated by Kava, nicotine, and marijuana, but to be overflowing with the tide of the Holy Spirit.  We would like especially to express our gratitude to the president of KWCTU and the members of NZKWCTU for their generous financial help which made it possible for us to hold the conference.




Missionary Nanjoo Kim



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