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Thank God

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12 July, 2019
Moon Ja Kim
KWCTU NZ Chapter
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Madame President, world officers and all my fellow temperance workers,
Hyvää päivää! Greetings to you al!
I am unspeakably grateful to God for allowing e the opportunity to be here at the 41st World WCU Convention. I live everyday experiencing God’s miracle. Being here is a true miracle. I was diagnosed with malignant cancer last September, that I have only six months to live at the most. That six month milestone has already passed. In May this year, I underwent another round of thorough examination at the Seoul National University Hospital in Seoul, Korea. The result came out that the surgery is not longer an option to consider for certain, andI would not live for long.
I am not afraid because I already received the promise f the salvation and the eternal life. I have received countless blessings from God through my life and I would like to share three of them with you today. First, it is a great blessing to have been led to the WCTU and become a part of this significant ministry of God. I was born a weak woman but I could voice the importance of the temperance with the gospel of Christ to the world. Second, I am blessed to have received abundant love of God and of His
faithful servants, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Last, I am blessed to have received the gift of peace and joy, knowing that I will meet you again even if it will not be at the next convention. I love and bless all of you. I will give my all to the temperance ministry until my last breath. Kiitos. Thank you.
In Christ,
Moon Ja

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