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Vanuatu Martha

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Dear Margaret!

Thank you very much for sharing the music video of the 41st World Convention of the WWCTU.
The Convention is now spreading the temperance message far and wide through those who attended the conference.
Vanuatu WCTU's missionary Mrs. Nanjoo Kim just wrote me an email that Vanuatu would have her national convention in September. VWCTU plans to invite the wives of the pastors, who now begins WCTU work in the islands, where their husbands are ministering, as branches of VWCTU. The wives have been sent out with temperance education from the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, which Missionary Chun He Won, Nanjoo Kim's husband, has supported very long. Martha Kalpram is teaching the wives of the students, whose husband is the President of the School.

While at the convention break, Martha Kalpram shared her vision that she would help the wives of the seminary to do the temperance work wherever their husband go for ministry. Let us pray that an amazing outburst of the temperance work will occur in Vanuatu and the islands in the South Pacific, all for God, for Home, and for Every Land.

All the glory be to God our Father in Heaven!

Proverbs 23:29-35

In Christ,

Jung Joo Kim

PS: A Photo, below: Mrs. Martha Kalpram shared her vision that she would send out the pastors' wives she was teaching at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary to plant the temperance branches wherever they would be pastoring with their husbands.

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