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The 41th Woman's Christian Temperance Union-with gratefulness in my heart

절제회 | 2019.08.02 13:05 | 조회 1147

The 41th Woman's Christian Temperance Union-with gratefulness in my heart

I want to first of all thank God, who has been with us during this Finland Helsinki Woman's Christian Temperance Union. The fact that I can meet so many of you from all over the world excites me, and reminds me of the faces I met 21 years ago at the Seoul Union.

I especially remember the Korean War that took place 69 years ago. It was a time when the world did not even know about South Korea, an extramely small country of the east. Even then, during the mist of instability, 16 countries came and sacrificed themseleves for this country. I especially want to use this opportunity to thank the five countries, Who helped Korea, including Denmark, Norway and Sweden of the Scandinavian region, who volunteered to help my country and stayed in Korea to treat the wounded and hurt. Moreover, I want to express my gratitude to the 63 countries that supported us with resources during the hardships of Korea.

At the time, the temperance act was hard to take place due to the aftermath of the war. However, even during such hardships, drinking and smoking as well as other luxurious life was suppressed, and the enthusiasm for child support and education became the basis of our country's development.

The experience of the temperance act accumulated in ove a century has influenced the whole world, and I believe that this act today will continue to contribute to world peace and human well-being. I sincerely hope that God will be with us throughout every step of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

Thank you.

2019. 6 Yang Soon Park

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