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Establishment of Ehwa Woman's University Youth Temperance Council

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Establishment of Ehwa Woman's University Youth Temperance Council

Time: 4-5pm Monday 15th June 2015

Location: Korean Womens Christian Temperance Union Building


Professor Emeritua Dr. Kyung Ja Kim from Ewha Women’s University came  to give a speech on the need of temperance work on campus with Professor Dr. Jung Hyo Kim who gave a speech to encourage the staring members. Pastor Nam Hyun Cho YTC Advisor gave a biblical basis of the YTC movement.

Professor Eun Kyung Shin pariticpated with three of her students, Jung Min Oh, Su Min Jung, Da Ae Kim.  Professor Eun Kyung Shin, and her students have been influencing Ewha Women’s University with one hour long dance performance, Messiah, every year, based on Handel’s Messiah for the last 12 years, which KWCTU have sponsored by advertising the FAS Warning in their program. They have travelled U.S.A., Australia, Cambodia, East Tamor, and this year in Israel. for the performance of The Messiah.  They pray that the Lord move all who watch their performance to faith in Jesus Christ. One Ewha YTC member Miss Hee Won Kim is a Junior in the  Music School, a Soprano. She is a daughter of a pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Korea, her grandmother, having participated in the KWCTU. 12 alumni of Ewha attended that day, new comers to the KWCTU Hall, who were cordially invited to attend the KWCTU monthly meetings.  An alumni, Mrs. Mi Kyung Bang sang solo beautifully.  Yonsei YTC gave a wonderful report of their work to encourage the Ewha YTC. Dr. Kyung Il Park and Mrs. Hyun Kyung Kim gave temperance lectures with clarity and precision.  May the Lord receive all the glory. Ephesians 5:18  

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