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News on Remodeling KWCTU Hall, sent to WWCTU Officers

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Matthew 7:24

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine
and puts them in practice is like a wise man 
who built his house on the rock.

Happy New Year!
There are so many good news to share, that I wonder where to start and how to share all the blessings with you all. After the KWCTU Hall  has been remodeled  beautifully, we prayed that the Lord uses the building for His glory to expand His Kingdom.

Our Lord answered our prayers and blessed us so much that all the White Ribbon sisters of KWCTU are overwhelmed by His grace as the New Year starts.

Mrs. Kwi Ok Yeu built the KWCTU Hall using all the best materials and hence created such a strong foundation, that the constructor was amazed by the excellent quality of the 45 year old building throughout the course of remodelling.

We have nicely designed rooms on the second and third floor, equipped with airconditioners and  nice bath rooms, kitchens, and with over 6 rooms, all with heated floors.  The chapel is designed nicely with beautiful windows, and the pulpit well decorated with wood. 

Last November, I invited the small group leaders from the classes I have taught last fall to the building for a two day retreat.  They loved the newly modelled rooms and building so much that good news about the KWCTU Hall spread widely.  Since then, prayer groups and campus mission groups in turn ask us to allow them to hold retreats at the KWCTU Hall. The only requirement for this is that they must take part in listening to a special temperance lecture.  They gladly included the temperance seminar into their retreat program.  It is amazing how effectively we now can reach out to the university Christian leaders to hear the temperance message and to apply it in their lives by holding seminars for them, opening the KWCTU Hall.  The chapel is filled with young students. 

Even some students from New Zealand who came to visit Korea during their vacation got together for a two day retreat to hear the Gospel and the temperance message.  They loved the retreat so much that the organizer, Mrs. Hyun Kyung Kim the New Zealand KWCTU president, now plans to hold such retreat annually. 

From January 23rd to the 24th, the Yonsei Christian Union staffs of over 30 Christian campus mission groups plans to have similar retreat, to prepare the New Incoming Christian Students Orientation which will take place sometime in February.  It is truly amazing to see young people flooding at the chapel for retreats almost every week and joining our monthly meetings to hear the temperance seminar.

Since I am retiring from Yonsei University after 20 year teaching by the end of February 2015, I have been spending alot of time thinking about how I could meet many young people frequently to share the Gospel and the temperance message. Like the words of Isaiah, the plan of our loving Lord is as high as heaven, because God is truly filling the KWCTU Hall with young people each week.  Each group that visits express their great joy for the opportunity to have a retreat in such warm rooms and in a beautiful chapel with nice hospitality, and best of all with the Gospel message and the temperance seminar we provide for them.  

I humbly bow before the Lord God in Trinity, who satisfies our deep desires to reach out to the younger generation with His Word and His Holiness.

Missionaries of Korea in Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Senegak, and Vietnam, are carrying out the temperance work in each country at different stage, some quite now well established, others just beginning.  Still each news is a good news, coming from far.  

In Cambodia, the two year old new temperance union is having missionaries and natives, and even university students, meeting monthly for CWCTU meetings, holding the temperance seminars at universities and high schools, receiving marvellous responses, already being registered as an NGO in the Cambodia government. 

Mrs. Yang Jin Kim (a missionary to Senegal who is now one and half year old in the field) and her husband (the principal of Methodist High School) are going to start the temperance work from this year onwards. Mrs. Yang Jin Kim had attended the World convention in Indianapolis and Norway, then as director of childcare center of KWCTU in Seoul.

In Nepal, Ms. Myung Hee Koh (who was in Norway world convention) has founded a music school, a seminary, and a school which has an elementary, middle, and high school.  She is going to carry out the temperance work in Nepal more actively from this January.
For the Indonesian WCTU Union, as you all know too well already, Mrs. Hyun Sook Lee (the World Superintendent of the Social Service Department) is working so well for the promotion of the temperance work there for the last almost 20 years.
How wonderful it was to also hear from our Australian chapter of KWCTU, celebrating her 20th anniversary, with so much impacts on Korean churches in Sydney.
We are expecting much for the beginning team in Vietnam, Mr. Jaechul Kim and his wife, Mrs. Hyun Joo Ha.  Both are three  year missionaries there and are about to begin the temperance work from 2015.  Pray for them, because they are devoted missionaries with clear vision for evangelism among university students. How necessary it is for the young people to hear the Gospel and the temperance message for their sanctified life in Christ!
I may lastly include a messsage I got from Mrs. Sang Eun Lee, the soloist of Solvage song at Norway world convention.  She opened a KWCTU chapter in U.S.A. in OKlahoma City.  It has grown with 15 members, regularly meeting every month, with temperance education and the Gospel sharings.  She finds it not at all easy to carry on the temperance work but she finds it so fulfilling to share the love of the Lord through her ministry for the WCTU work..

I am very happy that I have found time today to share these good news with you all.  
I wish that what we see at the KWCTU Hall and through the missionaries overseas will be doubled as time goes by, because so many people are perishing without knowing Jesus Christ who calls us to salvation in His Holiness.

May the Lord bless you and all the White Ribbon Sisters around the world to bear great fruits for His Glory and for the expaniuon of His Kingdom in 2015. 

In Christ,

Jung Joo Kim

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