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World Officers' Meeting in Korea, May 5 - 7, 2017

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World Officers' Meeting in Korea, May 5 - 7, 2017

On May 4, at KWCTU Hall, we welcomed with the worship service, the World Officers of the WWCTU, Mrs. Margaret Ostenstad, the World President, Mrs. Anne Bergen, the Executive Secretary, Mrs. Florence Wecther, the Recording Secretary, and Ms. Louis Anderson, the Treasurer, Mrs. Young Joo Kim, Mrs. Joy Butler, Mrs. Irja Eskelinen, and Dr. Dora Barrientos, four World Vice Presidents, from the first to the fourth. There came 40 guests, the Vice President of KCW, Mrs. Chun Hee Hahn, and the President of the Research Institute of Women's Issues, Mrs. Sung Rim Lee, and President of Association of Korean Women's Cultural Life, the former Vice President of Yonsei University, Won Joo Campus, Dr. Ki Soo Hahn, and former Vice President of Yonsei University, Shin Chon, Dr. Il Sun Yang, were  some of them.


Rev. Irja Eskelinen preached on "Little Love among Those who are less forgiven".  She spoke about the importance of the Gospel on the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ and emphasized that it is the foundation of the temperance movement. 


Ms Sarah Oh gave a report on her project that as a newly appointed direction of the Education Department, she shared about her research on the Drinking Habit of Korean College Students in Depth. Her report highlighted the importance of international network in the temperance movement.


Two parents brought their children to pledge on the education of their children in the temperance teaching of no drinking and no smoking.  They were Mr. Yong Kwan Park and Dr. Ki Hyun Kim, and their children, Ye Seung Park, and Mrs. Ji Ye Yang and Mr. Woo Suk Hahn, and their children, Eun Sung Hahn. Mr. Woo Suk Hahn was absent due to his office meetings. They were very grateful that they could grow their children in the temperance teaching in His grace. In fact, the two couples were the fruits of the temperance ministry of the YTC at Yonsei University.


Ms. Hee Jae Byun gave an accordion play, who majored in accordion in Paris, at a music conservatory.


Professor Eun Kyung Shin let her Messiah Ballet Grop to perform, following to the hymn, "Amazing Grace" and a song, widely adopted as CCM, "You Raise Me Up", which testified God's love that overcomes the power of death.


The two following days, May 6-7, Mrs. Young Joo Kim, Dr. Jung Joo Kim, and KWCTU Superintendent of the Christian Outreach, Mrs. Duk Ja Nahm, a lifelong member of the KWCTU, Mrs. Choon Ja Pyo, who always sent 200 silk scarfs for the WWCTU convention in Canada, the fieldworker of KWCTU in Uzbekistan, Mrs. Jung Sook Lee, and Treasurer of KWCTU, Mrs. Young Min Choi, all served for a successful World Officers' Meeting in Korea.


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