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Yonsei University YTC had a temperance campaign on Sondo Campus

절제회 | 2017.06.14 14:02 | 조회 5011

Yonsei University YTC had a temperance campaign on Sondo Campus,

where the freshmen all gathered, staying in the dormitory.

Sarah Oh, Hannah Oh, Michael Ko, and Wo Yun shared the KWCTU pamphlets and soft drinks with ballpoint pens with temperance message.

Mrs. Hyun Kyung Kim, the KWCTU YTC Superintendent, and Mrs. Ye Jin Kim, KWCTU Promotion Superintendent helped them along.

They covered three buildings on campus, two dormitories and a student dining hall, where they shared temperance brochures.

Those students who just came out after having their meals, receiving the brochures, ballpoint pens with temperance message, and soft drinks, appreciated the gifts. Many of them, while drinking the soft drinks, took time to read the temperance pamphlets.

Since the final examination period is starting soon, it was meaningful for them to get the ballpoint pens.

The reaction of the students were more positive than we expected, and we could finish also with joy the whole campaign.

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