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절제회 | 2017.03.03 11:32 | 조회 3795

The summer hot season has just started in Cambodia. I find myself already worrying how to endure the long hot weather which reaches up to 100℉.


Last February 23, Cambodia WCTU had its regular meeting and special lecture. From 10 a.m. the vice president Mrs. Hyangsun Kim led the officers' intercession prayer meeting.









From 11:30 a.m. the 7 officers and native 18 members had united meeting. The interpreter, an evangelist Ms. Ao Makara led the worship service and preached. She is faithfully interpreting at every CWCTU Lecture Series.


Today, from 2:00 p.m., CWCTU Lecture took place at Watco Middle and High School. The 170 students from 9th to 11th attended and Dr. Kangyong Yang, elderman and Ph.D. in Pharmacy gave lecture in English and Ms. Ao Makara interpreted. During the lecture, quizes were given out successfully drawing attention of the students.


After the lecture, we shared bread and FAS brochure. In Phenomphen, there are 34 middle and high schools. This is 19th school, we have had CWCTU lectures. 


For this event, Rev. Kwi Moon Oh from KWCTU attended the meeting from the beginning to the end.



We always appreciate your support of prayers and finance with sincere love.


CWCTU Secretary, Mrs. Young Mi Choi


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