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In the midst of critical political situations in Korea and the nuclear threat of the North Korea, we who live abroad also feel burdened. All the more we pray that WCTU members do our best where we are.


Cambodia WCTU had Intercessory Prayer Meeting on January 31, 2017, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Around 15 young members participated. After prayer meeting, we had Bible Study and Worship Service. Since Missionaries Rev. Jicheul Jung and his wife Mi Ja Hahn went to New Zealand for sabbatical year, Missionary Rev. Kyung Gon Lee, husband of Missionary Soon Ok Choi, secretary of CWCTU, served as preacher.




We had WCTU lecture from 2:00 p.m. at Hun Neng Prek Kameus Middle and High School in the outskirt of Pnompenh. For the last three years, we have visited most schools in the city. Therefore, from now on, we need to go to the outskirt of Pnompenh which is now to be included in the city by the government.


Since the school did not have an auditorium, to hold over 700 students, we had to speak to 80 students in a classroom on the harm of alcohol, nicotine, and other narcotic drugs. The special lecture was given by Dr. Kang Yong Yang, a Ph. D. in Pharmacy.



If all the students were not able to listen, even in this we saw the providence of God. It is because the school had no electricity for the former two days, if it were in the auditorium, we could not have carried out any lecture at all.


Though small in number, the students paid so much attention to the lecture, the lecturer talked to the students that they were the best audience he ever had. The principle received us with such respect, and shared with us that the school was in need of two big garbage baskets. Hence we donated two garbage baskets to the school.


We would like to thank you all for your love and supports in our need both spiritual and physical.


Cambodia Woman's Christian Temperance Union





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