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 (December 15, 2014)


God in His wisdom created people as the crown of His creation in the polarity of man and woman and for complementarity (Genesis 1:1, 26-27; 2:21-24).  This is where fellowship is reflected in the love that exists in Himself as the Triune God between the Father and the Son connected through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Bible recognizes in the conjugal union of the two sexes and the resultant family that is produced a creation order which is essential for the survival of humanity and is valid until the end of time.

This is why God has protected marriage and family from decay through three commandments, the 4th, 6th, and 10th.


Jesus Christ has confirmed and sanctified marriage as a unique, indissoluble union (Matthew 19:6).  He also included children in protected love when He explained:

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."  (Matthew 18:6-King James Version).


The Apostles direct their ethical statements primarily at parents and their children (e.g., Ephesians 5:21 to 6:4; I Peter 3:1-7). Paul describes (Ephesians 5:23 and 1 Corinthians 11:3) the man-woman relationship as a parable for the relationship of Christ to His Church.


The Church has held this view in its entire history and in all denominations up to the present.  It is her high duty to defend this order of creation of marriage and family against all of today's tendencies to dissolve them.


Alarming Developments

Not only Christians observe with horror as, in the present day, marriages break up to an ever increasing extent and families break down as a result.  Even more: the institution of marriage and even the role of the two sexes are called entirely into question by modern ideologies (or "quasi-religions").  Alternative communities of gay, lesbian, transsexual and intersexual forms as expressions of sexual "diversity" are placed as supposedly equivalent beside the monogamous union of a man with a woman.  Anyone who contradicts this is condemned as "homophobic".  Here, the term "sex" is repressed in its bi-polarity by the original grammatical English word “gender”, which is ambiguous.



I.          The Term “Gender Mainstreaming”



Behind the inscrutable strange term "gender mainstreaming" lies a hidden ideological agenda.  Its aim is the complete abolition of creation polarity between the two sexes, men and women, and of their position as parents in a family.


The word gender here means the human social role acted out, regardless of his biological sex.  The introduction of the concept of "gender" goes back to New Zealander psychologist John Money (1921-2008). Based on an extremely dangerous experiment with small children, he claimed that it is not the biological predisposition, but upbringing which defines the expression of gender roles.  This corresponds to the thesis of the French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir (1908 -1986), who wrote:  "One is not born a woman, one becomes so."

Historical Development

The program of "gender mainstreaming" originated in the further development of the women's rights movement that emerged during the 19th century.  While this had initially demanded only equal rights for women and men, since the "third wave" of the feminist movement in the early 1990s, it has, in addition, been about the social and functional equality of women in all spheres of life.  Now you can even assert the equality of all people regardless of their gender.

The term "gender mainstreaming" (GM) was first discussed in 1985 at the 3rd UN World Conference on Women in Nairobi and developed in Beijing in 1995 at their 4th World Conference.  The Beijing decisions were implemented by United Nations resolutions and fixed so four years later as "gender mainstreaming" in the Amsterdam Treaty of the EU.  In 1997, the European Union declared "GM" as a mandatory task for its Member States.  This occurred on May 1, 1999, and was enshrined as legally binding.  Consequently all governments including the Federal Republic of Germany laid down GM within their statutory guidelines. This meant, first, that no differences in the treatment of people of both sexes may be made in all sectors of public life. At many universities "gender studies" was introduced as a new subject. In this, the students should learn to call into question the gender identity of man and woman.
Lesbian philosopher Judith
Butler (* 24. February 1956 in Cleveland), p
rofessor, among others, at the University of California, Berkeley, is considered to be a pioneering thinker of gender ideology.  Even in the title of her book "Gender Trouble - Feminism and the Subversion of Identity" (German:  Das Unbehagen der Geschlechter), published in 1990, she shows that she is interested in undermining the identity of the man as husband and wife as a woman. In her opinion, man and woman, marriage and family, father and mother are not based on natural differences. Because they establish the supremacy of man, Judith Butler wants to eliminate this distinction. Part of this for her is, despiteor in confirmation ofthe absurdity of such ideas, the introduction of "gender-neutral language". Its essence is that all distinctions of male and female are eliminated by it In referring to any personal concept, one would either have both the male and the female forms with each use (e.g., the word “students” in German) or introduce cross-word forms which relate to both the female and the male sex (e.g., "people who study" instead of "students").
Even the distinction of gender polarity roles of father and mother should be avoided – as is usual today in some Swiss schools – by speaking of "Parent 1" and "Parent 2".
In Sweden, teachers are not allowed to speak of boys and girls in their school classes; instead, they should be addressed together as "friends" (vänner).

The proponents of gender ideology want to introduce in this way a new view of the world in which space is created for the diversity of genderincluding homosexualsand all differences are absorbed into a large monotony.  They want to make "gender-neutral" language the pioneer of a changed society, yes into the creation of a "new man".
Judith Butler has received high public recognition for her theories. For them, she was awarded, among others, the Theodor W. Adorno Prize of the City of Frankfurt in September 2012. – Within two decades, Judith Butler's ideas have become a regular curriculum subject on many campuses under the name "gender studies".


II.       Implications and Effects of "Gender Mainstreaming"

Representatives of gender ideology endeavor to enforce the absolute equality of the sexes in all areas. In addition, they maintain that there are not only two sexes, man and woman, but a variety of genderAll sexual orientations are equivalent and each person has the freedom to choose his or her own sex and also be respected accordingly.
At the same time, traditional values such as virtue, morality,and chastity are evaluated negatively, and key concepts of European culture are emptied to fill them with the content of the new ideology.  For example, the term "freedom" is detached from reality and responsibility, and converted into a "Do whatever you like" ideology.  People who reject the appreciation of homosexuality and its equality with heterosexuality (bisexuality) are accused of discrimination or "homophobia" (fear of homosexuals or hatred towards them) and are declared abnormal.


III. The Biological and Anthropological Revolution

Gender mainstreaming is a result of the biological revolution. After the previous two great revolutions, the French (1789) and the Bolshevik (1917), it is the third major revolution of world history. While those revolutions turned against man-made institutions, the political corporate state and the economic class society, this third revolution is directed against the order of creation of God and therefore against God Himself. Genderism is therefore a-theistic and anti-theistic and thus, as Pope Francis points out, of Satanic origin.
In an address to the College of Cardinals on December 21, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI also warned of the deep falsehood of gender ideology and its underlying "anthropological revolution". He explained: "In the fight for the family, it's about the people themselves.      And it is clear that where God is denied, the dignity of man dissolves."

IV. Gender Ideology as an Expression of Eschatological Lawlessness (anomia)


In fundamentally challenging the regulations set by God, gender ideology fulfills the Biblical prophecies in view of the end times that speak of the coming lawlessness (anomia).  As Jesus says in Matthew 24:12: "And because iniquity (in Greek: anomia) shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

In fact: An exuberant godlessness and confusion and deception of the heart cause "love to grow cold" and turn into a general paralysis and indifference. This is also reflected in the fact that, in modern society, consciousness is lost of the sanctity of human life and man presumes to decide sovereign over its beginning and its end. Abortion of unborn children and euthanasia ("active euthanasia) of the elderly and seriously ill whose lives no longer appear worth living are being legalized and practiced. The repeal of the polarity of the sexes is yet another aspect of the disrespect and threat to the good order of God’s creation.  The International Conference of Confessing Churches would like to treat this apocalyptic development in its overall context at its Sixth Ecumenical Congress of Confessing Churches, to be held in Salzburg, Austria, from the 3th to the 6th of September 2015.


In II Thessalonians 2:1-12, Paul looks at the "man of lawlessness" (anthroopos tees anomias), ..., who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, . . . " (English Standard Version)
The biblical context indicates that the apostle has in mind here the coming Antichrist. In this respect, we recognize gender mainstreaming as an ideological movement that - as other modern totalitarian ideologies before it, such as Marxism, Fascism and Freudian Marxism founded by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957)paves the way for the Antichrist.


This is even more frightening when we encounter genderism in sublimer forms in the church and theology. Again, supporters of the gender idea are therefore also trying to introduce "inclusive language" in all areas of proclamation, teaching, and liturgy.  Even the wording of the biblical texts does not make them stop.  Thus, at the instigation of the modern feminist, a gender-neutral translation, the "Bible in fair language", was created. In this, using the masculine is desperately avoided, even where these are present in the original.  Instead, for example, male and female disciples and followers are spoken of.  In many prayers, male God salutations such as "Lord," Father "" Master" are avoided or reworded.

What's worse is that under the influence of gender mainstreaming, more recently, the biblical orders of marriage and family have been called into question as being allegedly trapped by an outdated patriarchal tradition, to give recognition to the de facto diversity of domestic relationships prevalent today.

This is done, for example, in the paper on the family "Between Autonomy and Dependence - Strengthening the Family as a Stable Community", published in 2013 by the Protedtant Church in Germany EKiD and defended by its former Council Chairman Dr. h.c. Nikolaus Schneider. Again, a variety of other living arrangements are presented as being on par with traditional marriage and family. All protests directed against these have been tacitly ignored by the leadership of the EKiD.


V. Defense Against Gender Ideology

In dealing with gender mainstreaming, it is important to recognize that it is a totalitarian ideology that is practiced. It stands in stark contrast to the shame of every human being (which it seeks to destroy!), to common sense, to natural law written into the hearts of all people, and to God's created order revealed in the Bible. In its demand for acceptance and tolerance, it is itself highly intolerant and fanaticizes its own followers against any opposition.

In its approach and its implementation, gender ideology follows the basic pattern of all ideologies. It is one of modern philosophies invented by visionaries that all attempt to interpret the whole of reality from one single, worldly principle and convert it with the appropriate methods into their utopian visions. In this case, the worldly principle is the centrality of the so-called gender. It is given the role of forming and driving the mainstream in today's intellectual and social development of humanity. This means that all other intellectual movements are also pushed to the side as marginal and their truth and existence are denied them.  

This applies in particular to the Biblical understanding of the relationship between the sexes. It is deprived of the right to prevail at home and in school as the design of marriage and family as well as of the education of children. The foundations of Western Christian culture are subverted in order to replace them with the utopia of gender mainstreaming. If this plan should be fulfilled, our previously ordered society would fall into chaos by the dissolution of all inherent distinctions and orders, to which tyranny would then follow.

All responsible citizens, men and women, fathers and mothers, but especially Christians, are therefore called to resist it in full force.  Silence about this danger we would make us complicit.  The background and goals of the gender movement should be publicly exposed in protest against them to break the hold of their influence in politics and culture – especially in the schools! This is the only way to prevent the souls of our children from being spoiled by

genderism for their future in their sexuality as adults.
Our job is to be vigilant against the advance of gender ideology in day-care centers and kindergartens, in the curriculum plans of ministries of education, in the sex education in schools – which threateningly enough, is even being taught in all subjects today– as well as in legislation. In presentations to governments and church leaders we need to alert them regarding the dangers people are often not yet conscious of and move them to resolute intervention.
All Christians should support these efforts with their prayers.   

We are grateful to courageous women such as psychotherapist and author Christa Meves and Dr. Gabriele Kuby who first warned us through their books and lectures. Similarly, Hedwig Baroness von Beverfoerde, with four major demonstrations she organized in Stuttgart and Hannover in 2014, carried out the necessary unmasking in public.  More demonstrations in other cities are in preparation.  We also thank those Catholic bishops and bishops' conferences (for example, in Slovakia, Poland, and Portugal), who have rebutted gender ideology in solidly-based teaching documents.
Unfortunately, after the debacle of the EKD family paper, we still are missing similar calls from Protestant church leaders!

We are aware that, with our warning against gender ideology, we will bring the enmity of their followers upon ourselves. Yes, in as far as genderism will soar even as the prevailing view in politics and legislation, we need, as its opponents, to be prepared for persecution against us in the form of denunciation and professional harassment.

In this way, basic human rights are being increasingly curtailed with respect to religion and freedom of expression. Already so-called hate laws have been introduced in many countries, such as the UK and Sweden. These criminalize any utterance that makes gay and lesbian minorities feel "discriminated against". This is particularly true for Christians who adhere to the Biblical order of creation.


The spreading threat of the gender ideology is serious, and our struggle is difficult and hard.  But we are not alone.  Many like-minded Christians, – yes, even humanists as well as Jews and Muslims – are standing with us. Thank God a growing resistance to the gender revolution is stirring in several European countries such as France, Hungary, Norway, and Russia. This is also happening in Germany:  at the beginning of 2014, nearly 200,000 citizens signed a petition against the education reform plan of the coalition government of Baden-Württemberg, which establishes the goals of gender mainstreaming.
This was followed in the same year by demonstrations of concerned parents in Stuttgart and Hannover to protect children from state reeducation. In their procession through the downtown streets, they chanted incessantly:
"Children need love and not sex!"
For them, this was and still is a matter of working from the inside for a renewal of our society – in the hope that many people will turn back to listen again to the Biblical ordinances and commandments of God.


We find comfort in the vision of the seer John in Revelation 12:7-9:
He describes how Michael and his angels fight with us against the forces of evil.
He shows us that the fight is worthwhile, having promise of real victory.  For God Himself is with us, and Christ coming again (Revelation 19:11-16) will put an end to the activities of anti-Christian forces.





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Gomaringen, Germany, at Advent 2014



Initial Signatories

Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus D.D.; – Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Andreas Laun, Salzburg; – Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer, Regensburg;– Bishop Dr. Anba Damian (Coptic-Orthodox Monastery of Brenkhausen) – Archbishop Dr Julius Hanna Aydin, Syrian-Orthodox Church, Delmenhorst; – Prof. Dr. Edith Düsing, Cologne; – Prof. Dr. Helmuth Egelkraut, Weissach; – Lecturer Dr. Ingmar Kurg, (Tallinn; Estonia) – Mrs. Dorothea Scarborough, Capetown;– Missions Director (retired) Lienhard Pflaum D.D.; –Rev. Dr. Rolf Sauerzapf – Prof. Dr. Alma von Stockhausen, Heroldsbach – Rev. Winrich Scheffbuch, Stuttgart; – Prof. Dr. jur. Wolfgang Waldstein, Salzburg;Dr. habil Marcus Zehnder, Kristiansand (Norway).

Further Signatories  

Rev Burkhard Affeld, Osnabrück;Prof. Dr. theol. Knut Alfsvåg, Stavanger. (Norway); – Dr. Heinz-Lothar Barth, Bonn; –Rev. Dr. Martin Baier, Hechingen; –Ingegärd Beyerhaus MA, Gomaringen; – Rev. Karsten Bürgener, Bremen; – Prof. Dr. Jacques and Mrs. Rosemarie Cabaud, Erlangen; – Mission Director Dr. Peter Chang, University Bible Fellowship, Bonn/Seoul);– Pastor Dr. Joachim Cochlovius, Walsrode; – Assistant Bishop Dr. Klaus Dick, Köln; Provost Lars Falkfors, Klippan –(Sweden); –– Rev. Sven Findeisen, Neumünster; – Dr. med Heinrich Fiechtner, Stuttgart; –Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Grewing, Gomaringen/Tübingen; – Rev. Albrecht Hauser, Korntal; – Rev. Hans-Frieder Hellenschmidt, Filderstadt; –Superintendent Martin Holland, Tübingen;–  Rev. Odd Sverre Hove, Frekhaug (Norway);; –  Dr. med. Dieter Kuhl, Essen; – Prof. Dr. Dong-Joo Lee, Seoul; –Rev. Dr. Theo Lehmann, Chemnitz; – Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Leisenberg, Bad Nauheim;–  Prof. Dr. Konrad Löw, Bayreuth; –Dr. Marie Meaney, Rome; –Prof. Dr. Klaus Motschmann, Berlin; – Missions Director Manfred Müller, Uhldingen; –– Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto, Laguna Woods, California”; – Rev. Dr. Horst Neumann, Bad Malente; –Rev. Erik Okkels, Tromsø (Norway); – Rev. Nikolaus Ostrowitzki, Catholic priest of Winterlingen-Straßberg; –Missionary Stephen Park,  Bonn / Seoul (Korea); ––Dr. med. dent. Waldemar and Mrs. Myung-Sook Roth, Schorndorf; –Dr. Kurt Scheffbuch, Weinheim; – Evangelist Lutz Scheufler, Waldenburg; –Rev. Volkhard Scheunemann, Winterberg; – Prof. Dr. Hans Schieser, Regensburg;– Prof. Dr. Günter R. Schmidt, Erlangen; –Composer Gerhard Schnitter, Gomaringen; – Rev. Franz Schwarz, Priorate St. Wigberti,– Dr. Christa-Maria Steinberg, Limberg; – Rev. Helmut Steinlein, Buch/Inn; – Prof. Dr. Peter Stuhlmacher, Tübingen;– Missions Director  Eberhard Troeger, Wihl; – Prof. Dr. Bodo Volkmann, Möglingen; – Dr. Helmut Waldmann, Rottenburg– Prof. Dr. jur. Wolfgang Waldstein, Salzburg; – Mrs. Rothraut Weigelin, Eganville (Kanada); Rev. Erik Wiberg, Värnamo, Sweden,

This list of signatories is open for further signatories until February 2015.  This declaration can be ordered with a small free-will contribution for distribution costs from:

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