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Dear World Officers,

I may briefly share how the Lord has been blessing us KWCTU during the last one week.

On May 24, Young Joo spoke on the temperance to 51 pastors, trainers of the chaplains of the military army in Korea. By their request, she focused on the life of Mrs. Kwi Ok Yeu, how she dedicated her whole life, serving the Lord in the temperance work.  She gave them each the autobiography of Mrs. Kwi Ok Yeu and DVD of her life, with a newly published booklet on the Temperance Movement. 
At the seminar, KWCTU trustee, Hyun Kyung gave a power point presentation on the harm of alcohol and nicotine. KWCTU secretary, Su Yeun played violin for the seminar.
The pastors recognized urgent need to share the temperance message with the chaplains. 
On May 25, Young Joo participated in the Reunion of Ewha Girls' High School Graduate Year of 1966. 200 alumni gathered from all over the world, with teachers who taught them 50 years ago.  Young Joo shared with them each a book recently published, Chosen for Chosun (old name of Korea), the Life of the First Martyr, Rev. Robert Thomas, and also the booklet of the Temperance Movement.  Many read the book and the temperance booklet and told Young Joo how they appreciated her ministry.

On May 30, Monday,  Ewha Girls' High School celebrated its 130th anniversary, which had been founded in 1866 by Mrs. Mary Scranton a Methodist missionary from Ohio, U.S.A.. For this special occasion, the school chose Sung Joo, our youngest sister, to be recognized as one of the honored member of the Hall of Fame of Ewha, for her contribution to Korean public, as the chairwoman of Korean Red Cross and also as a leading global business woman in the field of fashion as CEO of Sung Joo Group. The alumni committee also chose Young Joo to be honored to be in the Hall of Fame of Ewha Girls' High School for her service as a business woman, as an artist, and also as president of the KWCTU. The principal mentioned awarding the plaque  how well Mrs. Kwi Ok Yeu brought up three daughters with faith in Jesus Christ and with the temperance education, all chosen for the Hall of Fame at Ewha Girls' High School. I had been awarded with similar honor in 1990, just after I had got a Th.D. in the New Testament from Harvard.  We were most happy to see the Lord open a wide door to Ewha Girls' High School for the temperance movement through such honoring. As the students in the broadcasting  department of Ewha interviewed us right after the ceremony.  I highlighted on FAS how alcohol causes it, and how we should prevent it by leading a life of total abstinence from youth. Young Joo emphasized on the need to participate in the YTC work, as she concluded the need for the youth to remain faithful to Jesus Christ. 

Today, May 31, KWCTU had a memorial service of Mrs. Kwi Ok Yeu, by watching DVD on her life, remembering her teaching on the Word of God and the temperance message. Afterwards, we heard many testimonies, which confirmed the faithfulness of the Lord, as He has allowed so much fruits to the ministry of KWCTU in answer to the fervent prayer of Mrs. Kwi Ok Yeu. 

At today's KWCTU monthly meeting, five people shared their testimonies in various aspects of the temperance work. First, Ki Hyun attended, as she just returned from the U.S.A., having received Ph.D. in the Rehabilitation Counseling on the Handicapped from University of Iowa in 2015.  She shared with us how easily the handicapped people would get addicted and how urgent the need is to share the Gospel and the temperance message with them. She was compassionate with the handicapped all the more so, because as a freshman at Yonsei University, she herself became blind through medical accident in 1996.  She first tried to commit suicide, but was saved by faith in Jesus Christ in 2002, got married in 2005, having a wonderful husband and an adorable son in His grace.

Secondly, Professor Eun Kyung Shin, who on May 16 -17, successfully had performed Handel's Messiah in Ballet at the Se Jong Cultural Center in Seoul, Korea, with her 80 students, shared her testimony in tears, how the Lord has made her strong in the midst of utter weakness, her husband a pastor, having been invalidated by sickness all his life.  She appreciated so much for the support of the KWCTU by advertizing on the Warning of FAS at each performance leaflet.

Thirdly, Eun Sook Ma, the former president of Yonsei Mother's Prayer Meeting came first time to the KWCTU monthly meeting and shared how she was called to the ministry of intercesssion for Yonsei University in 2015, having her son, going to Yonsei University after 30 years of teaching ministry at school. One of her main prayer was to ask the Lord to make Yonsei campus free from alcohol and nicotine, and to worship Jesus Christ as the Lord.  Therefore, having got to know Yonsei YTC, she was thrilled and she joined in the YTC temperance campaign on Yonsei campus in May 19, this year.

Fourthly, Hyun Kyung Kim shared how Yonsei YTC students served the campus, by creative ideas, sharing the temperance message, with nonalcoholic cocktails and the personal quiz to awaken the students on the alcohol level in their lives, guiding some of them to receive counseling in their alcoholic problems.  Hyun Kyung also shared a great news that her daughter Sarah was admitted to the Yonsei Graduate School of Public Health after interview with the Dean of the Public Health, Professor Eun Chul Park, a devoted Christian. I advised Sarah to study on FAS how to prevent it in Korea and worldwide.

Fifthly, Hae Kyung Kim, the chaplain of Bo Sung Girls' High School, shared how YTC students from Yonsei University effectively shared the Gospel and the temperance message at her school auditorium to the whole student body, leading many of her students to decide firmly to lead a life of total abstinence. Yonsei YTC students are now mentoring some of the students from Bo Sung Girls' High School during weekends, giving them tours of Yonsei University campus, reassuring them the importance of leading drug free life in Jesus' love. 

All who attended KWCTU monthly meeting today were amazed to hear how the Lord is moving in so many hearts so powerfully, and were also filled anew with His Spirit of grace and truth.
May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you to bear the fruits of the Spirit.  

Gal. 5:22-23

In Christ,

Jung Joo Kim

Field Worker, WWCTU
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