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We give glory to God, who works everything for His good.

During the lecture, the electricity failed and we could not use mike nor the beam projector. Nevertheless, we were truly grateful, because it happened that the lecture was to be given not in an auditorium, but in a classroom.

Though we could not use a screen, the professor brought a big notebook computer which the students, who even sat at the end row, could see.
Can you see the big notebook on the podium in one photo attached?

The lecturer, though not easy due to hot weather, wore a white gown, delivered his message with such a zeal that the students were very attentive. It was really moving for us to see.

Mrs. Jin Young Park brought a package of good gifts to share with the students during quiz session

CWCTU members all sang together a beautiful Gospel song, "You are born to be loved" in Cambodian language.

We as a band of women in their 40s and 50s performed before the teenage students.

After the lecture, we took a coffee break at missionary Kyung Ran Shin's residence, where we interceded for the day.

I pray that in the minds of the 67students the message of the lecture remained all their lives.

Mihae Lee, a trustee of CWCTU
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