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2018 KWCTU Report

절제회 | 2018.12.24 17:03 | 조회 1807

Greetings from the KWCTU to all White Ribbon Sisters around the World,

                   The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen His glory,
the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

 According to Calvin, John 1:14 reveals to us most clearly who Jesus Christ is. This is apparent when the Evangelist says, “And the Word was made flesh.” Having been clothed with our flesh, Jesus Christ showed himself openly to the world. Here, the unutterable mystery is revealed; the Son of God was clothed with human nature. There is a great distance between the spiritual glory of the Word of God and the abominable filth of our flesh, yet the Son of God stooped so low as to take upon Himself that flesh, and become subject to so many miseries. In the phrase, the Word was made flesh, we should see, as stressed by Calvin, the unity of His Person, because the Son of God became man in such a manner that He still continues to be the eternal Word who has no beginning of time. And dwelt means no one other than Christ was discharged on this earth to the office appointed to him. It reveals that Christ did not merely appear for a single moment, but that He conversed among men until He completed the course of His office. “Among us” represents the disciples who were eye-witnesses of Christ and what He did, and beheld His glory. It was only a few, whose eyes the Holy Spirit opened, that saw this manifestation of such glory. Christ was known to be man in such a manner that He exhibited in His Person something far more noble and excellent. Hence it follows that the majesty of God was not annihilated. Although it was surrounded by flesh; it was concealed under the low condition of the flesh, so as to cause His splendor to be seen. Calvin points out in the expression, “As of the only-begotten of the Father” that as expresses true and hearty approbation. The Evangelist therefore shows that Christ was beheld a glory which was worthy of the Son of God, and which was sure proof of His Divinity. That‘s why the Evangelist calls Him the Only-begotten, because He is the only Son of God by nature. Thus, Jesus is placed above men and angels, and claims for Himself alone a status that belongs to no other being. The Evangelist brings forward a part of the approbation, from which faith obtains delightful advantage, because Christ demonstrated that He actually is an inexhaustible fountain of grace and truth. The fullness of grace in Christ is the fountain from which all of us must draw life. Grace and truth. He was full of grace, which is truth or perfection. This grace and truth, he afterwards contrasts with the Law; because He had in himself the fulfillment of things which belong to the spiritual kingdom of God. Truly He alone deserves our worship as the Son of God, the Redeemer, and the Messiah. Standing in His presence, we cannot but repent our sins, believing that in His blood shed on the cross alone, there is forgiveness of our sins. Furthermore, He sends His Spirit for all who believe, to obey His Word. Calvin said well that He has the most striking mark by which He ought to be distinguished from all others. Sola Deo Gloria.

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