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Youth Temperance Council Camp and Future Planning

절제회 | 2015.06.29 19:51 | 조회 3639

The Yonsei Youth Temperance Council went on a camp to Chuncheon from the 26th to the 27th, Jun, 2015.

They provided feedback about the Green cafe held at Yonsei University in June, and also discussed the future plans of YTC.

The Plans are as follows:

1. All the members of the Youth Temperance Council will take part in the Anti Smoking and Anti Drinking education course. They will complete the 30 lesson course in 6weeks and meet up every Saturday morning to debate about what they learnt during the week. The purpose of this course is to prepare themselves before a new semester starts so that they will be ready to explain the effects of alcohol and cigarettes to younger audiences and carry out mentoring sessions in highschools.

2. The YTC have created a facebook page to promote their activities and in hope of raising more awareness about the effects of smoking and drinking. They are aiming to utilise their time in the holiday to finish up the facebook page so that it could be launched and advertised from the beginning of September. They are planning to upload weekly

3. YTC are planning to target the freshmen students at the Freshmen Christian Camps which are held annually in spring. YTC members felt that it is very important to know the harms of alcohol and smoking in the earlier years of university life, because it is harder to turn back once they start. Since the freshmen students of Yonsei University all stay at the Songdo international campus for a year, the YTC hope to hold their next event at the Songdo international campus. Adding on to the annual Green Cafe Campaign, they also came up with the idea of a Green Concert, where they invite famous singers (who are in support of this cause) and also have informative talks regarding the effects of alcohol and cigarettes.


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