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절제회 | 2017.03.06 17:15 | 조회 5250

The essence of the news is that after over 6 months' intensive spiritual warfare, the drinking bar, which had been opened next door to the church was closed by last month and its owner became a temperance member, her photo taken separately below.

The Korean missionary Mrs. Nanjoo Kim, has worked hard for the planting Vanuatu WCTU. She has been praying hard to see the victorious and mighy hands of God appear against the Kava drinking bar which had been opened in resistence to the temperance work beginning in Vauatu about 6 months ago. It really has discouraged her much, because its owner was a member of her own church.

Do you see the 12 strong members holding total abstinence pledge, joining VWCTU with glad hearts to commit their lives to the call of God for the temperance in Vanuatu and worldwide.

Among them is the very owner of the drinking bar, who sometime ago closed her bar, and willingly joining VWCTU. Praise the Lord.

Romans 8:37

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